Tejory is a loyalty programme designed to reward our customers for visiting and returning to our Parks and experiences.

Once you have registered, it operates conveniently via an app and offers a flexible range of rewards in the form of discounts and vouchers.

Every transaction you make in our venues enables you to earn Tejory points. Claiming points is easy and flexible and you can choose from the following methods;

1. At Customer Services or a cashier at any of Leisure Partners venues to credit your points on your account straightaway (This is available at all Leisure Partners venues).

2. Log-in to your registered account via mobile or Leisure website and enter the receipt number or scan the barcode from your transaction receipt and points will automatically credit to your account (valid only for transaction receipts issued by Angry Birds World, Snow Dunes and Virtuocity).

When you redeem your points, they will come as a discount voucher. This comes in different values (QAR 100, QAR 150, QAR 200, QAR 300, QAR 400, QAR 500, QAR 800). When you have enough Tejory points, you can redeem the discount voucher which gives you a discount equivalent to its amount. Note – you’ll need the Leisure Qatar app installed on your mobile device to use the voucher while you are paying for a service or a product at any of our venues. The voucher is a digital code and not a printed physical voucher. Types of rewards include cash voucher, free ride, free drink, discounts.

Our generous scheme means that for each 1 QR spent in any of Leisure Partners venues, you gain 1 Tejory point. Leisure reserves the right to change this rate at any time.

Discount vouchers come in different values as the following (QAR 100 = 5,000 points), (QAR 150 = 7,500 points) , (QAR 200 = 10,000 points) , (QAR 300 = 15,000 points) , (QAR 400 = 20,000 points) , (QAR 500 = 25,000 points) , (QAR 800 = 40,000 points).

Tejory points are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. All unused points will be removed from the member’s account.

No, our flexible programme means claimed points can be redeemed as a voucher in any of the venues regardless of where they were claimed.