I. General

Leisure Rewards Programme (the ‘Programme’) is a loyalty programme operated by Leisure Limited, its subsidiaries, Parks, Restaurants, Retail shops and Cafes (hereinafter referred to as (‘Leisure Places’). As a member, you will earn loyalty points when making qualifying purchases on products and services at participating “Leisure Groups” listed at  https://www.leisure.qa, by showing your Rewards Membership Application (hereinafter referred to as “Application”) on your mobile at the time of purchase or by subsequently claiming the points on the account you have generated on https://www.leisure.qa.

These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the Rewards Programme and govern the relationship between Leisure and the members of Rewards Programme. By joining the Programme, you may earn points for qualifying activities with Leisure and accept all these Terms & Conditions.

  1. As a member of the Programme, you will get an Application on your smart phone device which may support Android or Ios, by downloading the Application from your application store and signing up. You are responsible for costs involved in implementing and using the Application, on your mobile device. In case you are using the Application, then please ensure to upload your latest photo on the Application to be able to redeem your available points.
  2. Leisure reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the Rewards Membership issued; refuse to award points, withdraw points; refuse the right to redeem points collected for any breach of these Terms & Conditions.
  3. By using your Rewards Membership in any of Leisure Places for the purpose of earning points, you automatically provide acceptance of the Programme along with its rules, Terms & Conditions, which are subject to amendment from time to time. Your consent will continue in effect unless you withdraw the consent by notice in writing to Rewards Member Services Centre. Withdrawal of consent may mean that certain services may no longer be provided to you, and also entitles Leisure to terminate your membership at its sole option.
  4. Your membership of the Programme can be revoked or refused if you are involved in any act of fraud, shoplifting, cheating with or without cause and without notice. The membership can also be revoked if you are found to be involved in any sort of misuse of the Rewards Membership. In this given scenario all your existing points shall also stand cancelled and cannot be redeemed.
  5. Leisure reserves the right to modify or close the Programme, or to change, cancel or withdraw any of the Terms & Conditions, without assigning any reasons whatsoever at any point of time at its own discretion. It reserves the right to discontinue Programme memberships – existing or new – permanently or temporarily. The Leisure Places may also be changed from time to time, at the discretion of Leisure. Leisure will use reasonable efforts to include up-to-date and accurate information on the website https://www.leisure.qa for any such change, cancellation, addition, withdrawal or modification. It is your responsibility to carefully read, agree with and accept these Terms & Conditions. Your continuance as a member shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest Terms & Conditions applicable from time to time. If you do not agree to (or cannot comply with) any of the Terms & Conditions, we encourage you to surrender/withdraw your membership.
  6. Benefits and offers made to you through the Programme may change or be withdrawn without prior notice. Leisure will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situations.
  7. Leisure has the right to modify the manner in which points are earned and redeemed, including the number of points earned and the value of these points, and will endeavor to notify you of any changes in advance.
  8. You are responsible for notifying the Rewards Member Services Centre of any change in your address or contact details.
  9. Leisure will not be liable for any unlawful or misuse of your Rewards Membership, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your Rewards Membership number is kept confidential at all times.
  10. As a member you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of your Rewards Membership including but not limited to the loss of your mobile phone containing your Application. You must report any loss, damage or theft immediately to the Rewards Member Services Centre.
  11. For security reasons, only your personal mobile number can be registered in your account and using mobile numbers that belongs to someone else is not permissible. Your Rewards account can only have one phone number attached to it. To ensure you receive communication, an accurate and up-to-date personal mobile number and email address is required at all times.
  12. By enrolling in the Programme, you unconditionally grant your consent to Leisure to collect, retain, use and disclose information contained in the Rewards membership Application form pursuant to the Programme and your other personal information including not limited to your name, email id, addresses, contact numbers, date of birth and transaction details etc. for the following purposes:
    • To ensure the efficient running of the Programme, including the accrual and redemption of points;
    • To provide information about the Programme;
    • To develop/offer new products and services;
    • For accounting and audit purposes;
    • For marketing and market research and analysis purposes;
    • To be disclosed as required by law;
    • To send you communications (or to contact you) about promotions, services, products and facilities offered by Leisure Places;
    • To assist in the planning, development and implementation of the Programme;
  13. While Leisure will endeavor to ensure that the services, benefits, facilities and arrangements as expressed or advertised by Leisure, Angelina Restaurants and Only Roses will be available to the members, Leisure will not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from the provision or non-provision, whether whole or part, of any such services, benefits, facilities or arrangements.
  14. The Terms & Conditions as published on the Rewards Website i.e. https://www.leisure.qa, subject to amendment, shall be final, binding and supersede the terms and conditions herein and other information as provided in relation to the Programme.


II. Membership
A. Enrolment & Membership
  1. Enrolment will take place through two ways:
    1. Creating an account on the website https://www.leisure.qa.
    2. Downloading the Application on the mobile phone of the member.
  2. Only an individual who has attained the age of 18 years, as on the day of application, is entitled for the membership of the Programme. Applications received from members under the age of 18 will be blocked for redemption of points till the member attains the age of 18.
  3. The membership to the Programme is free.
  4. Membership is non-transferable and can only be used by you, as the authorised member. You may cancel your membership at any time by giving Leisure a written notice.
  5. The Membership will be allotted purely at the discretion of the management and final decisions on all matters relating to the Rewards Membership Card shall rest with Leisure.
  6. A member who has not transacted within a 12-month period will be deemed by the Programme as ‘Inactive’. No communications will be sent to members in Inactive Status. To avoid becoming an Inactive member, ensure that you have at least one transaction within a 12-month period. Members in Inactive Status will be re-activated to Active Status as soon as they make their next transaction.
B. Cancellation of Membership
  1. You may at any time cancel your membership by providing written notice to Leisure. Upon receipt of the notice, Leisure will terminate your membership by deducting all your points. As of this point in time you will not be able to use any service benefits offered by the Rewards Programme.
  2. Leisure reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately. Your membership is subject to written notification if any of these Terms & Conditions is breached, or if you in any way abuse Leisure service or your membership, and additionally in the following event(s):
  • Any fraudulent acts committed on your part. Any redemption made by you either before or after the date of a fraud shall be subject to review, and possible cancellation.
  • Non-usage for a consecutive 12 months.
  1. If Leisure terminates or cancels your membership. All accumulated Points will be removed from your member account immediately.
  2. Once your account has been terminated, it cannot be reinstated under any circumstance. If you are invited to re-enroll, you will be allocated a new membership account.
  3. You may receive an acknowledgement of termination or suspension.
  4. Leisure shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of, either the Programme or any of the facilities, benefits or arrangements which are made available to members.


III. Earnings
  1. You can earn points at any Leisure Places.
  2. At the time of purchase, points will be credited to your account by one of two ways:
  3. upon presentation of your Application on your mobile phone to the receptionist or the person in charge of adding the points on the Application in any of Leisure Places; or
  4. Uploading the details of the receipt pertaining to the transaction made in one of Leisure Places in your account on the website https://www.leisure.qa.
  5. Claim for points has to be made within one month from the date of the transaction resulted into the claimed points, otherwise the right of claim to these points shall be void.
  6. All points earned under this programme are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. All unused points over 6 months will expire and shall not be available for redemption. For instance: if the transaction of purchase is dated 10 October, 2023, then the claimed points resulting from such transaction shall expire by 09 April, 2024. You can access your account details at any time on https://www.leisure.qa.
  7. Your points balance cannot be pooled with the point’s balance of any other member at any point of time.
  8. Points earning rate is 1 point for each 1 QAR.
  9. Points can be earned only at Leisure Parks as mentioned on the website. Leisure reserves the right to add or remove any of the Leisure Places anytime without prior notification. Leisure will endeavour to advise you of any changes in advance.
  10. Leisure reserves the right to adjust the number of points you have accrued if the points were accrued as a result of error or misrepresentation, negligence, card or terminal malfunction or for any other reason resulting in the points being invalidly accrued.


IV. Points Expiry
  1. Points expire 6 months after the date they were earned.
  2. Expired points will be removed from the member’s account.
  3. Points cannot be re-credited once they have expired and have been removed from a member’s account.


V. Redemption
  1. Redemption shall be done on four consecutive steps as follows:
    1. Select the place which the member would like to use the Voucher in;
    2. Select the value of the voucher among the values QAR 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 500 and 1000 based on the number of points he/she has earned;
    3. Account holder has to exist in personal with his registered phone number to be eligible for the redemption process;
    4. The receptionist or the person in charge in the designated place for usage of the voucher shall insert the passcode to generate the selected voucher.
  2. Members can redeem points accumulated in their accounts by visiting any of our Leisure Places in addition to Angelina Restaurants and Only Roses. A member should at any given point of time have a minimum of 5,000 points in his/her account to become eligible for redemption. When the member visits any of Leisure Places, Angelina Restaurants and Only Roses and makes a transaction, our cashiers will be able to inform the value of points available for redemption in the member’s account.
  3. The members may choose to redeem the points in full or in part. Members need to have a complete updated profile in our system to redeem their points. If a member does not redeem the entire value of his/her points, the balance value will remain in the member’s account and can be used towards the future transactions provided he/she has a minimum of 5,000 points in his or her account at the time of redemption.
  4. Points available for redemption cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. Points once redeemed cannot be used again.
  6. If the value of the purchase is more than the value of the points the balance amount must be paid by the member using a valid payment method.
  7. Points which are not redeemed by the member will remain in his account for a period of 6 months from the time they were earned. Post this time period the points will expire and cannot be re-credited to the member’s account.
  8. Voucher is indivisible. Therefore, no pay back for the amount not used in the voucher and the balance shall not eligible to transfer to any later voucher or transaction.
  9. Voucher shall be used instantly or promptly once generated.
  10. No usage of more than one voucher per transaction.


VI. Copy Rights/Trade Marks

The trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively referred to as “Marks”) displayed on the Leisure website are the property of Leisure. You are prohibited from using any Marks for any purpose without the written permission of Leisure, or such other party which may own the Marks. All information and content including any software programmes available on or through the website (collectively referred to as “Content”) is protected by copyright. You are prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, selling, licencing, creating derivative works or using any content available on or from the website for commercial or public purposes.


VII. Changes or Termination of the Points Rewards Programme
  1. Leisure has the right to modify these Terms & Conditions in whole or in part, at any time without notice and without the member being entitled to any compensation. However, we will make all reasonable efforts to give you prior notice of the changes.
  2. Leisure has the right to terminate the Rewards Programme at any time. We will make all reasonable efforts to give you prior notice of the termination of the Rewards Programme.
  3. Leisure reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these Terms & Conditions. All decisions by Leisure shall be final and conclusive in each case. These Terms & Conditions supersede all previously published terms and conditions.
  4. Leisure in its sole judgment reserves the right to disqualify a member from further participation in the Rewards Programme, cancel all accumulated points and seek compensation for points used if Leisure deems the member has engaged in wilful misconduct or has breached any of the Terms and Conditions governing the programme.


VIII. Law and Jurisdiction
  1. These Terms & Conditions and the relationship between Leisure and each Rewards Programme member are governed by Qatar law as applied in the State of Qatar. By joining the programme, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of State of Qatar.
  2. If in any jurisdiction, the programme, the issue of points or the redemption of any reward is unlawful or is contrary to regulatory body directives, then to the extent that the laws of that jurisdiction or such directives are applicable, the issue or redemption of points or Nojoom rewards and any related documents are null and void.